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About Yube
With their distictive white and orange packaging, the Yu-Be product range is hard too miss, much like their creator Yoshikiyo Nowatari. In 1957 the young pharmacist was approached by a woman who had been suffering for a long time from dry and cracked skin. Finding conventional petroleum-based skin care products greasy, messy and ineffective, she begged Yoshikiyo Nowatari for an alternative. Nowatari used a special process to create a unique glycerin-based moisturizer, much to the women's delight. Realising the potential of this product, Nowatari wasted no time in launching the product on the Japanese market and it was not long before it became the country's most popular vitamin-enriched skin cream. Used by millions of people to cure all sorts of dry skin conditions such as cracked heels and nappy rash, Yu-Be has as large number of celebrity supporters.

The famous Japanese mountain climber Sumiyo Tsuzuki swears by the product range and always uses it on expeditions. In fact she was filmed wearing a tube of Yu-Be around her neck when she climbed Mount Everest! Already distributed to more than 60,000 Japanese locations, Yu-Be has recently been received in North America, where it became an instant hit. The product is so special because it treats the causes of dry skin rather than simply alleviating the symptoms. Once applied, Yu-Be works for hours and is enriched with Vitamins E and B2. The Camphor essence within the cream is used to soothe skin irritations while stimulating blood circulation and improving the overall health of the skin. It can be used anywhere on the body and there is even a special lip balm available to treat this extremely sensitive area.

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