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RevitaLash RevitaLash Mascara - # Raven 7.39ml/0.25oz
£13.37 to £16.58
From 2 Stores
RevitaLash RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner 3.0ml/0.101oz
£62.01 to £89.00
From 4 Stores
RevitaLash RevitaLash Mascara - # Expresso 7.39ml/0.25oz
£13.37 to £17.45
From 3 Stores
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About Revitalash
An increasing amount of people these days want to know for certain that the cosmetics they are using not only work well, but are not tested on animals and are generally good for the environment and society. RevitaLash provides the perfect solution to these needs as the owners of the company are committed to donating a portion of the proceeds of each sale to Breast Cancer Research and they regularly support and get involved with charity work. Revitalash is a company dedicated to the eradication and treatment of breast cancer and was developed by an experienced Ophthalmologist. He experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of the disease when his wife was diagnosed with it. One of the terrible side effects of her chemotherapy treatment was that her eyelashes fell out, growing back short and brittle.

He developed Revitalash to help his wife and since its release on the cosmetics market the product has helped women around the world with their pursuit of beauty. One of the great things about Revitalash is that it does not contain quanternium, ammonium laurel and laureth sulfates, methyl parabens, urea or uric acid, paba or propylene glycol, making it gentle on the eyes and unlikely to cause irritation. Revitalash is perfect for providing the wearer with long, luscious lashes. A natural alternative to artificial lashes or lash extensions, Revitalash is applied once a day and lashes are completely transformed in less than ten weeks, making them longer, thicker and even darker with a natural curl and softness.

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