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2 x Fake Bake Oil-Free Moisturiser
£6.65 to £12.75
From 8 Stores
Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Self-Tan
£8.95 to £27.50
From 7 Stores
Fake Bake Face Bamboo Buffing Polish
£4.95 to £12.45
From 11 Stores
Fake Bake Lip Bronze Self Tan
£5.95 to £14.65
From 3 Stores
Fake Bake Lipo Glow Daily Moisturiser
£9.99 to £18.00
From 2 Stores
Fake Bake Mistifier Oil Free Spray
£10.75 to £12.15
From 4 Stores
Fake Bake Mousse Instant Self-Tan
£15.75 to £47.50
From 9 Stores
Fake Bake Passion Fruit Body Polish
£8.93 to £44.45
From 8 Stores
Fake Bake Self-Tanning Lotion
£8.29 to £109.95
From 24 Stores
Fake Bake Skin Smoothie
£8.60 to £12.00
From 7 Stores
Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion
£6.50 to £13.00
From 8 Stores
Fake Bake The Face Anti-Ageing Self-Tanning Lotion
£17.86 to £29.25
From 4 Stores
Fake Bake Xtreme Self-Tanning Gel
£13.95 to £46.15
From 7 Stores
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About Fake Bake
Welcome to the self-tanning revolution. The company behind the Fake Bake concept has used the latest scientific methods to create an innovative three-step approach to a beautiful and long-lasting tan that will turn heads wherever you go. This sunless tanning system is produced to give the wearer a flawlessly natural looking tan, which can be reproduced quickly and effortlessly time and again. Recommended by a range of top dermatologists, the lotion comes with a cosmetic colour guide in order to facilitate an even, streak-free tan, and you can even swim while wearing Fake Bake! There is a wide range of products in the Fake Bake range, all expertly designed and researched to compliment your tan, giving you a healthy glow even in the heart of winter.

The overnight success of Fake Bake has led to international demand and led the company to develop and launch the new Dark Self-Tanning Mousse, which gives the wearer a much deeper tan than other products on the market and lasts for up to 50 per cent longer. This essential beauty treatment has long been a closely guarded secret of top models and clients can be found all around the world. Perhaps one of the greatest things about the company is its firm belief in consultation for new customers, and all users are introduced to an expertly trained therapist in order to discuss individual requirements, ensuring that everybody can feel confident with healthy-looking tanned skin without having to expose themselves to the sun's harmful UV rays.

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