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About EmerginC
EmerginC are an innovative skin care company that works with its customers to provide effective products that cater to their needs. The company is based on the belief in the wondrous properties of vitamin C and their remarkable ability to stabilize this miraculous skin care ingredient. EmerginC launched its first product, Vitamin C Serum, in 1996. This is now a very well known product and used by people the world over to enhance and protect the natural beauty of their skin. Through years of dedicated experimentation and research, the company has managed to create one of the most stable, high-concentration, low pH vitamin C serums on the market.

EmerginC went on to create a range of fabulous products, insisting on using only top-quality, potent, cutting-edge ingredients. The company’s products use natural, plant-based preservatives and are proven to be highly effective. Some of the fabulous products in the EmerginC range include EmerginC Hyper Vitalizer Cream, EmerginC Crease Ease Kit, EmerginC Eye Makeup Remover and the fabulous EmerginC Complexion Perfection. The ErmerginC range is now available all over the world and has received support from top dermatologists and beauty professionals, making this a brand that you can use with confidence.

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