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DuWop Blushbooster Apple
£19.00 to £19.00
From 3 Stores
DuWop Doubleglow7
£21.00 to £21.00
From 6 Stores
DuWop Eye Palettes - Amber Eyes
£18.90 to £21.00
From 13 Stores
DuWop Prime Venom
£15.00 to £15.00
From 8 Stores
DuWop Reverse Eyeliner
£23.00 to £23.00
From 3 Stores
DuWop Venom Gloss Coral Tree
£16.00 to £16.00
From 3 Stores
DuWop Venom Gloss Lantana
£14.40 to £16.00
From 4 Stores
DuWop Venom Gloss Pink Champagne
£15.00 to £16.00
From 3 Stores
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About Duwop
DuWop is a company that truly knows how to create modern, attention grabbing products. The company was founded a little over ten years ago by Hollywood makeup artists Cristina Bartolucci and Laura DeLuisa. The artistic pair realized that there was a demand for outstanding cosmetics and started making their own, creating the first batch in Laura DeLuisa’s kitchen. The pair’s products received immediate recondition as not only are they innovative and unique, but they really work well. The first product to be released was a miracle product known as I gels, which are disks filled with botanical extracts that relieve puffiness in the eyes, making you look fresh and awake. Cristina Bartolucci and Laura DeLuisa’s most popular product is probably Lip Venom, which is a lip enhancement that gives lips a fabulous pouty look.

The great thing about this product is that it uses natural ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger and wintergreen and comes in a fabulous range of colors, meaning that it can be used as a lip gloss at the same time. Some other great products from DuWop include Anti-Venom, Reverse Lipliner, Neutral Lip Pencils and Blush Therapy. Over the last 10 years the company has expended, moving out of Laura’s kitchen and setting up stores all around the world. Of course, a large number of professional makeup artists use DuWop’s products exclusively and the products also have gained a large celebrity following. One of the best things about DuWop products is that they are designed and created by beauty experts, so you can be sure that they will work wonders.

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