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Dermablend Cover Creme - Deep Brown 28g/1oz
£12.75 to £13.45
From 2 Stores
Dermablend Leg and Body Cover - Beige 64g/2.25oz
£15.31 to £16.45
From 2 Stores
Dermablend Leg and Body Cover - Toast 64g/2.25oz
£15.31 to £16.45
From 2 Stores
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About Dermablend
For many, applying makeup is not simply about highlighting facial features or adding colour, it is essential for covering unwanted skin flaws and discolouration in order to feel confident and attractive. In 1981 Dr. Craig Roberts and his wife Florie Roberts realised their life-long dream and launched Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics. In their research and development the couple capitalized on their expertise as physicians and it was not long before their excellent range of products made Dermablend the market leader in corrective makeup. Dermablend is an extensive line of corrective cosmetic products for covering face and body discolorations. The products skillfully cover and even remove unwanted skin blemishes and pigmentation, leaving the wearer feeling positive and beautiful.

Working side by side, Craig and Florie Roberts have developed an inspiring range of makeup which is fragrance-free, waterproof, smudge-resistant and does not clog the pores of the skin.All Dermablend's products are non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and are carefully and rigorously tested in independent laboratories to maintain the highest quality. Dermablend is widely used by people all around the world for concealing a range of skin imperfections such as moles, birthmarks, pimples, acne scarring, burns and surgical discoloration. Products are available in 15 shades to suit any skin tone and Dermablend's product range includes cover creams for the face, leg and body cover, quick fix concealers, setting powder and skin care products to permanently rectify and cure skin problems. Dermablend is recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons as a solution for those who want flawless skin without having to go under the surgeon's knife.

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