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About Caudalie
In 1993 a serendipitous meeting turned out to be the opportunity of a lifetime and the foundation of a company that has already touched the lives of millions. It was then that French couple Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas met with Professor Vercoterin of the Pharmacological Faculty of Bordeaux University in Mathilde’s parents home Château Smith Haut Lafitte. The land was surrounded by vineyards which the couple turned into wine and the good professor told them that the grape-seeds they threw away after the harvests were a potentially worth a fortune. These seeds contain polyphenols, which are extremely potent free radical traps and great for curing a range of ills such as poor blood circulation, Alzheimer’s disease and generally make you look and feel younger. Recognising this great opportunity for what it was, the couple wasted no time in opening a beauty shop selling a range of grape-based cosmetics.

Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas named the company SPA Wine Therapy, and it has proven to be the bright discovery the cosmetics world was waiting for. Named after the town in France where the idea originated, Caudalie soon became a prominent figure in the cosmetics industry, with Caudalie Laboratories conducting extensive research in collaboration with the Pharmacological Sub-faculty of Bordeaux University on the miraculous anti-aging properties of grape polyphenols. The great thing about Caudalie products is that they are not tested on animals, contain no mineral oil, colours, parabens or sodium laureth sulfate. Some of the products in the extensive Caudalie range include Caudalie Anti-ageing, Combination Skin Care, Cleansers, Dry Skin Care, Sensitive Skin Care and Suncare.

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